interactive 3D-
For Visualizations, Corporate Video, Presentations & CD rom, Music video, Idents, bumpers, stings and interstitials:

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Still T mobile Corporate video
T-mobile - interstitial / ident

121 becomes T-mobile Corporate event

This is one of many interstitial/ident produced.
See "clients" page for more infomation

Still from Desire pop Promo
Desire - Pop video

Compositing of live-action with 3D computer animation and motion graphics

Created for Minnaloushe
See archived home page for information

Still from KGP
KGP - Experimental Animation

Principally created through the animation of 2D photographs taken as part of the Kelvin Park project

60 sec Approx.

Still PS wedding
Wedding - Animation

3D computer animation

Fifteen second video.
Music: Joe Simon - Drowning in the Sea of Love