Transformation and Escher – A Creative Partnerships Project
Developed by Jago Brown (Creative Partner) and Chris Richards (IAMS Mathematics).
Escher & IAMS
Two year 7 classes had the opportunity to develop an understanding of the link between mathematical transformation and the work of M. C. Escher the Dutch artist and mathematician.

The pupils were shown images of the work of Escher where tessellated 1  images fill the plane in imaginative ways (Official Website | Mindscapes | Biography).

The classes then proceeded as shown below.
Stage 1 – Maths lessons
Pupils were shown three approaches to transforming a rectangle or square in a manner which would ensure the shape would tessellate (see animation to the right 2 ). They then designed their own basic shape using a chosen method from the three offered.

Stage 2 – Art lessons
The shape was then developed in the Art lesson and scanned to form an electronic image.

Stage 3 – ICT in Maths lessons
Pupils worked through exercises using Photoshop software to learn how to manipulate images into a tessellating pattern. Continued
Stage 3 – ICT in Maths lessons (continued)
They then manipulated their own scanned image to produce images similar in style to Escher’s work but within some distinctive and unique touches of their own

The project was able to benefit from the expertise of the creative partner in the field of Information and Communication Technology and, in particular, in the presentation and development of artistic images in electronic media.

1Tessellate – to form a tiling pattern with no overlaps or gaps.
2This animation has limited interaction. An interactive version allowing control of speed and direction was used in the class room.


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[Officail Website]

Includes many of the prints using symmetry.

This site includes lots of interesting video clips featuring the artist, and his work.

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Transformation Exercise


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