ACTIVE-STUDIO November 01, 2002 –

 Arts Council England / Creative Partnerships : various projects see Active-Studio/learning and the Creative Partnerships web site.

 Sean Thompson – furniture maker.  Projecta– Architectural practices. – Photographic agency (fashion).

XIOS PROJECTS October 29, 2001 – October 31, 2002
Job Title: Senior designer | Company Type: Interactive media, Design & IT solutions

Corporate Presentation Design:
T-mobile ( Example of Idents Quick Time Movie ) : 121 becomes T-mobile Corporate event

Branding / Corporate Identity Design Projects:
  twp (the wrong : Logo designed to include the concept of high ROI, using plot of graph, & retain some of the visible characteristics of previous logo.
 DH Department of Health - North London University : Logo uses color & type to connect with metropolitan region. ISP - Logo type & symbol designed to position company firmly in its market sector.
 Artonezero : Logo & letter head design.
 XIOS: Logo.

Website Design Projects:
  twp (the wrong financial information service website with CMA.
 Artonezero :Portal for local news, business directory, free webbased email, [using Nokia open platform looked at designs for ]. website design including ecommerce section, banners & other graphics. Spital fields London, property management company. Design including ecommerce section, banners & other graphics.

 ISLINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE : website design for both puplic site & members site due to go online shortly.

 Real Holidays : website design to allow client to create porfolios online & edit them with ease.

FREELANCE April 01 - Oct 01 and other sites...

CHRYSALIS (PUREMIX) Aug 23, 2000 - Feb 28, 2001

SPORTAL  Nov 22,1999 - Aug 18, 2000

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