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The third dimension can provide engaging experiences that offer a different approach to content, navigation, community, and communication.

The following are designed for Viewpoint Media Player
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Avatar - Fox

Modelled & animated in 3Dstudio Max then exported to viewpoint where the fox underwent further operations to prepare him for:

1. Web page with the Viewpoint media player (VMP) plugin embedded. On this page the fox is animated and there are controls to change rendering mode... go see the Fox

2. Avatar that can be used in Adobe Atmosphere

The following are more extensive projects with an interest in learning and discovery:

Click for Kelvin Park project
Kelvin Park

Kelvin Park is an imaginative 3D virtual recreation of Kelvin Grove Park, Glasgow, Scotland. The focus of the project are the Monuments (and buildings) in the park and what they represent.

Uses a VRML/X3D 3D plugin

Click for Their Idea project
Their Idea

'Their idea: Electric World' is a resource to engage and support understanding of electronics. To do this "Electric World" uses a virtual 3 Dimensional model spanning the last five centuries. The model traces the development of today's electrical products such as the telephone and computer back to William Gibert (1544-1603), a scientist who first coined the term "electricity".

3D interactive virtual school proposal

The following are designed for Adobe Atmosphere
Currently for Microsoft internet explorer on PC only

World - with chat enabled (using low resolution textures)

Visit to see the shops between The Angel N1 Centre, and the Business Design Centre - you can enjoy without fear of getting caught up in the rush hour crowd!

World covers 4* 100m squares on national grid.

NOTE:Content requires a plug-in that should automatically start to download.

Links to other material:

 Animation showing the creation of an origami deer from 2D to 3D


I use the terms "interactive 3D" and "virtual reality" interchangeably on this site, and to mean the same thing.